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Experience the innovative services and product on Main Raise Yachting for Owner-Crew & Start Ups. Whether you are looking to buy a yacht or sell we can help, require yacht management services or tools  or develop your new business in the yachting industry with our Digital Department.

Main Raise Yachting represents a new generation in yacht services. We believe in a great relationship value and we work as a family office. From the desire to make a better yachting for our clients Main Raise  was born. Listening to your needs and providing the latest technology and introducing to our trusted partners we get think done.

Our teams are positioned all around the world. We recognised that yacht management require an international presence, and so are constantly expanding to new solutions to be closer to our clients.

Main Raise’s personalised, transparent and online approach is why we are considered a Yachting Platform. Discover what we could do for you.

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Buy, Sell, Charter

Corporate Identity

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or charter a yacht, our team are here to walk you through the process, providing all the information, advice and support you’ll need. Our highly skilled independent consultants are industry experts, having worked on countless projects in collaboration with our trusted brokerage company. We’ll be here with you, every step of the way..


Find and Hire Professional Crew

We offer 3 solutions for Hire and hire yacht crew: YManage Platform that display available crew on our database, a dedicated agent to take off you from all research and onboarding procedure, and all crew management services like Pay Roll and Pay Slip. If you area Yacht Crew looking for a job Main Raise Yachting provide you with help with your career and develop your "brand" and Network

Product Strategy

Boost your Yachting Business

Global Vision

Plan the route to succesd. Main Raise Yachting help your startup or existing company to reach global market, connect with clients and team and deliver your services or products trough the web.Move forward with our consulting services, software & referred experts that will drive you with results..